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SæhildR barngóðR

(Sa-hill-derr barn-go-thr) she/her

called Baroness Silly is a 10th Century Dane/Norsewoman (Viking) who was born late summer, two winters after the birth of Gamle Eirikssen (the eldest son of King Eric Bloodaxe), about mid-Tvímánuður. Her curly mop of hair is frequently in two braids that never hang straight and are crazy at the ends. She often wears vibrantly colored apron dresses.

In the SCA, she lives in the Canton of WealdLake, which is located in North Woods (the oldest Barony in the Midrealm), in the Region of Pentamere.

In September 2002 at Harvest Days XXXVIII: Tournament of Arts and Tournament of Chivalry in the Marche of Winged Hills, Barony of Flaming Griffin, Saehildr barngodr was elevated to Pelican, adding to the North Woods Pelican Lineage. Here is a video of the elevation by Sergeant Vigfuss mjoksiglandi of Saehildr barngodR's Pelican elevation.

She enjoys thrown weapons, retaining, making dolls, gaming, learning how to do stuff, serving in a myriad of ways, creating largesse, and chatting with anyone. It is her belief that the children of our Kingdom are our future AND our present. It is our duty (as adults) to ensure that they feel safe and recognized as important members of the Midrealm. They are a precious treasure and capable of contributing to our Society in a great many ways.

Here is a short list of her current relevant service:
Middle Kingdom Minister of Youth
Creator and Event Steward for It Takes My Child to Raze a Village
Society Minister of Arts & Sciences Deputy YAFA Liaison
Pennsic Youth Performing Arts Coordinator 2018-Present
Former Protégé to Baron Maximilian der Zauberer. OP. MOD
North Woods Baronial Chronicler
At-Large Youth Officer 2014-Present
Former Wealdlake Minister of Arts & Science
Wealdlake Social Media Officer

For her complete CV click here

“Fairy tales do not tell children that dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children that dragons can be killed.” ― G.K. Chesterton